Servicing your Car

Servicing a Classic

We do all the normal and regular servicing and problem sorting. Engine, Electical, Brakes, etc.

Also, we Do actually service your car. Grease and oil all moving parts, cables, door locks, hinges.
Dismantle callipers and brakes, clean and lubricate.
Loosen all bleed nipples, and flush through some clean fluid in brakes and clutch.
Remove and check Spark plugs before they seize into your cylinder head.
Does your garage do that ??

Low overheads, reasonable charges and competitive rates.

Winter time is just right to prepare for the coming spring and summer weather, don't waste better days for Mots and servicing.

Collection and deliver service especially winter time if your vehicle is off the salty frosty roads.

MoT: although the rules have relaxed for MoT requirements on older vehicles, we feel that many of these are becoming suspect and possibly dangerous as more classic cars etc, are little used and often poorly maintained by enthusiasts ( not to deride their enthusiasm of course, but it's an effort to learn and save ! ).

One of the most common problems we find is Seized Brakes from lack of use and internally swollen flexible brake lines. It's a much overlooked area of servicing.

Changing oils and lubricants is the cheapest way to a long and healthy life !