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Morgan Car Services and Repairs

We Love Morgans!

Our Morgan customers can save themselves a lot of time and travel by having someone local.

We are fully equipped to replace and update suspension, alloy radiators and variety of approved Morgan extras.

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Basic servicing, Oil and filter changes, Brakes serviced, Grease nipples, suspension adjustments, etc.

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Morgan after servicing

Clean and Polishing, valet service, Soft tops, Hoods, Tonneau covers and trimming upholstery also available.

Morgan suspension and brakes

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Updating and improving your Morgan, new Kingpins and bushes, Adjustable shock absorbers and Brake torque reaction bars.

Suspension Control for improved handling.
Suplex or Librand upgrades, Koni, Avo & Spax, Adjustable damping shock absorbers, whichever make you require. Springs, Roller bearings etc, finally Toe-in, Castor & Camber wheel alignment tracking.

You can now Tune your ride to typical British country roads or the Race track easily with a few clicks of the adjusters.

Latest Hard Chrome Kingpins and Spiral grove Bronze bushes.

This is a job for the Experts with the right tools, we have invested in the correct tooling to do an excellent job of replacing those high maintenance suspension parts. Correctly fitted and Reamed perfectly in line and to size then combine this with Top grease nipples and high tenacity red grease will give the whole system a longer life span.

Morgan Radiator
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Alloy Radiator, better cooling and light weight, Out with the old and in with the new !