Classic Car Services Oxford

MG, Healey, Lotus, Triumph, Morgan, Austin. Alfa, Ginetta, BMW, Aston, Caterham, Porsche 911, GT40, GT6, Fiat 500, Riley, Rover, TVR, Volvo, Tiger, VW beachbuggy.
We cater for all these in our customer range.

Classic Car Services and Repairs

We are in the heart of the countryside conveniently situated between Oxford, Thame and Bicester. Please call us any time for more details.

Morgan Roadster next to our van

We Love Morgans !!

Suplex or Librand upgrades, improving handling. Suspension Hard Chrome king pin, Springs, Roller bearings etc, plus tracking. Servicing, Oil and Filter and fluids changes, Brakes etc, Grease nipples, Soft tops. Hoods, Tonneau covers and trimming upholstery also available.
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We Love MG TCs !!

Loose wheels, broken springs, tracking, exhaust, brakes.
No Problem !!

Green MG TC

Triumph TR6


We Love Triumphs !

Triumph TR3 TR4 TR5 TR6, Triumph, Herald, Spitfire, GT6, Vitesse, We service and repair classic cars up to roughly the 70s, pre-electronic era, cars for everyday and competition use.

We Love MGBs !

MGB GT or Roadster models, Chrome bumper or Rubber bumper models included. Chrome bumper conversion, competition preparation, etc. Winter time is just right in preparation for the coming spring and summer time warmer weather.


Austin Healy


We Love Austin Healeys !!

Total strip and rebuild service Unfinished project ? Need new parts fitted or exchanged ?? Just ask !


We love Lotus !

Lotus Elite, Engine & Gearbox rebuilds, Suspension setup, Interior Trim.

A sleak looking Lotus

The Trim Department


We Love Trimming !!

Our Classic car Trimming department for your Seats, Hoods & Tonneau covers, Door panels etc, Replacement Zips. If you have a problem just ask.